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Listing a Property for Sale

Selecting your listing broker can be one of the most important real estate decisions that affects your real estate portfolio. While many brokers and agents market properties, few have sophisticated marketing systems in place that create the level of exposure to sell your home. In a good economy, real estate agents rely heavily on the multiple listing service or MLS to sell their listings. Unfortunately, in this type of economy the MLS is only a single tool and cannot sell every property. While most agents focus on the MLS as this is what they have always done, we at the Advani Real Estate Group have a multi-tiered approach to selling real estate. If you feel like your real estate deserves a level of skill and attention that only the best and brightest in the field can provide, then you have found your listing agency.

Professional Valuation

One of the most challenging aspects of the real estate industry is the valuation of residential property.  Our team will provide you with a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis, commonly referred to as a (‘CMA’). While almost any real estate brokerage offers this as a “free” service it is typically a printout of recent sales within your neighborhood. Our analysis differs in that we bracket the characteristics in your community that demonstrate the highest relationship to value, such as sq. ft., view, orientation, floorplan, age, building type, amenities, etc. For all subjective criteria, will implore the same process as a lender in bracketing within certain percentages and only use data that is 6 months old or newer so that our analysis results in a number that will be duplicated by any lender or other financial institution. We don’t just value your property, we evaluate it.

Marketing & Exposure

Exposure of the property will be accomplished via the following methods:

  1. Print Advertising
  2. Internet Exposure
  3. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – provides all member subsrcibers with the approriate information regarding your property with our contact information to facilitate the showing and subsequent purchase of your home.
  4. Open Homes and/or Broker Caravan

Buyer Identification and Pre-qualification

Selecting a buyer can be a difficult task. Our agents are provided with the necessary set of skills to be able to seek out the most qualified buyers. Based on our company experience, education levels and attention to detail, we will make sure that the buyer for your property is well qualified and verify that they are qualified for a mortgage and have the deposit in readily available funds.

Negotiation of Purchase Contract

Once an offer is presented on your home, we will make sure that each aspect of the offer and subsequent residential purchase agreement is negotiated, not only to deliver the highest and best price, but to make sure that each term is carefully gone over to protect your interest. Often times, some of the more “minor” parts of the offer are not negotiated and in the rare instance that these situations occur, you could be left exposed. We make sure that not only this won’t happen, but place you in a situation where you are at an advantage.

Closing of the Transaction and Successful Transfer of Property

As each property and owner is unique, we feel that each listing should be unique as well. The following links are for the different types of listing packages which we offer and each one is customizable to fit a specific property and seller. This, of course, creates a starting point and mutual understanding of the level of marketing that will be allocated to each property.

Gold Package The Gold Package is the most cost effective strategy for a Seller. The Gold packages offers the following:

Print Marketing



The total cost of the gold package is 5% of the gross sales price, with 2.5% paid as a referral to incentivize a buyers agent.

Web Marketing

Diamond Package The Diamond Package is the most commonly selected package as it represents an extremely high level of service combined with an agressive marketing campaign, while still keeping the costs relatively low. The Diamond Package, inlcudes the advertising and marketing exposure of the Gold Package in conjunction with the elements below:

Print Marketing

Web Marketing

Your property will be photographed by a professionally photographer and images will be edited to highlight the best features of the home. Any negative features will be edited and cropped and even cloudy days will appear sunny.


The total cost of the Diamond Package is 6% of the gross sales price, with 3% paid as a referral to incentivize a buyers agent.

Platinum Package The Platinum Package is the most exclusive listing package offered by the Advani Real Estate Group. Including each and every attribute from both the Gold and Diamond listing packages, the Platinum Package takes your property to the highest amount of exposure on a local, national and internation level of marketing. Here is what it offers:

Print Marketing

Your property will be featured in 2 out of 3 prominent San Diego based magazines for at least 3 to 6 months.

Web Based Marketing

A single property web page will be created specifically for your home.

Your property will be featured on the top rated international web-site,


HDR Photography