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Auctions are a relatively new strategy in the southwest region of the US. Heavily used in both Europe and the East Coast, auctions are an excellent way to sell real property in a slow market. Click on the link below to find additional information about the marketing process for marketing a property for auction.

Auction Marketing

Outlined below is a marketing plan that will create a large marketing splash needed to drive significant potential bidders to register and bid for an auction property. Since the sale date is definite, our goal is to reach every potential buyer in a limited amount of time as opposed to traditional marketing where the property is advertised and found by prospective buyers that are looking for a specific property. Although, each property is unique, the following provides a guideline of what an effective marketing campaign may look like.

E-mail Marketing

We will distribute 1,000’s of e-mail flyers to our client database which consists of some of the wealthiest people in San Diego and around the globe. The professionally designed flyer will be distributed to high end real estate agents in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Web Marketing

Having one of the preeminent websites in real estate is a an advantage that ONLY our clients realize. Your property will be featured on our website, where search engine optimization, pay-per-click, display advertising and hundreds of affiliates drive traffic to our website.

Moreover, we have a sophisticated auction website that provides potential bidders with relevant information on the auction process, bidder registration form, and all of the properties disclosures as the home is being sold ‘AS-IS’.

We advertise your property on numerous property searches, such as:
High-End Web Marketing
Print Marketing

HDR Photography taken by a high-end photographer with 12 to 20 images, digitally rendered, with cloudy day editing.

Broker Caravans & Open Houses

The Auctioneer

With over 18 Amazing Years of on air experience in Television News, 15 Emmys and numerous other awards and compliments, Bill Menish brings a sense of exuberance and skill to all events.  And as a graduate of the Worldwide College of Auctioneering, and a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist through the National Auctioneers Association, nowhere will you find another host with such an eclectic array of experience in multiple fields, all in front of enormous audiences, on television and off.

Bill is available for any function, charity or for-profit, with his extraordinary history ready to be applied to you! Bill becomes an expert on the history and goals of your charity, and applies that to his performance to inspire the crowd to give. He can appreciate and respect what sets you aside from every other event and why your guests need to walk away remembering it and feeling good about their donation.

A long standing resident of San Diego County, Bill understands the interests, challenges and needs of San Diego clients. His warm personality allows you, the client and your buyers or guests the ability to speak openly, comfortably with no fear or pressure on anyone’s part.

Let Bill make your Charity Event the most exciting it can be!

  • 10 Years of Auctioneering service in San Diego and beyond
  • 18 Years of On Air Television Experience
  • Reputable Education and Certification
  • Available for meeting and phone consultations
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Ease of understanding for the process through planning and achievement
  • Trusted and Recommended Experience you won’t find anywhere


Unlike traditional real estate sales, auction properties typically have a buyers premium that ranges between 7.5% to 10% of winning bid amount. That means that the Seller nets the winning bid and the buyer pays for the both the listing agent and selling agent commission as well as the auctioneer’s fees!!

Each property is unique and each marketing plan will be unique as well. Based of the custom marketing plan, we charge an upfront fee of 1% of the minimum opening bid amount as a marketing fee. All marketing expenses are to be approved by the Seller and any fees paid in advance are re-imbursed to the Seller upon the successful bidder completing the purchase of the home.